• Tshirologo is South Africa’s only full scope disability service provider.
  • We promote inclusivity and the integration of blind, deaf and other disabled people into the social and economic mainstream by upskilling them through education and training.
  • We understand that to overcome adversity and thrive, the disabled need access to appropriate training and technology.
  • We have 15 years experience and expertise in providing quality products and best practice services to meet the spectrum of needs for:
    • people who have disabilities;
    • companies that employ (or seek to employ) people with disabilities;
    • institutions that facilitate the education of people with special needs;
    • and organisations with customers and other stakeholders who have disabilities and need special services or attention.
  • We are a learning organisation that stays up-to-date with the latest research, legislation and technology relating to all aspects of disability.
  • We combine a strong business focus with a heart-centred approach.
  • We engage the services of experienced professionals and specialists.
  • It’s our goal to be the supplier of choice for disability products and services across the African continent.
  • We make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers.
Icon Our Customers, Tshirologo


The majority of our customers derive from State and Provincial departments, the private sector and increasingly the wholesale and retail industries.

Icon Training Courses, Tshirologo


Training courses are delivered across South Africa by our team of academics and professional facilitators.

Icon Outcomes, Tshirologo


  • Uplifted, upskilled individuals.
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence of disabled trainees.
  • Clear and effective communication so that those with visual and hearing disabilities, and those who interact with them, make themselves clearly understood.
  • Better morale among employees who learn to fully understand the challenges their disabled colleagues face in the workplace.
  • Greater satisfaction for disabled consumers who feel valued and better understood.
  • More empathetic and effective management – leaders are sensitised to disability, educated about disability rights and realise the need to promote a more equitable, inclusive and non-discriminatory work environment.